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The "not so secret" dinner party

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Well, we know how hard it's been, all cooped up and going through all the crazy different cycles of COVID-19 isolation! We've missed you all too!

So! Starting June 20th, 2020 Chef Shawn and his crew are cooking up privately catered, on-site dinner parties. This is an exclusive engagement, with only 6 seats available per event, twice monthly.

Start your evening off with a cocktail while perusing through elegantly prepared charcuterie. Conversation and tales will begin while Chef Shawn starts your individually prepared meal. And Chef Shawn has so many stories to tell, with 50 years in the hospitality business he has a lot of "yarn" to chew!

Over the course of the evening you will receive a tasty 4 course meal and a bottle of happiness, seated out on the "cucina" while listening to happy tunes.

To make it a true "Staycation" reserve one of the exquisitely appointed rooms and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Chef Shawn will prepare you his famous Eggs' Benedict (with 3 kinds to choose from) *Rooms are $80.00 extra and must be booked in advance.*

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